We’re small now, but with big plans and a global outlook.

Our mission and focus means we’re looking to tackle big challenges that make impacts for the communities we live in and beyond. As a clinician led team, with digital skills, we know there’s a lot of moving parts to what we’re looking to achieve and we’re actively looking for partners + people who can help achieve that vision. We know that’s going to take a great, diverse and vibrant team.

As a MedTech startup, we know there are additional hurdles that we need to factor into our product journeys - bringing digital therapeutics to market means we need to tick a lot more boxes and design processes that ensure we build the right things, in the right way, for the right people. We’re excited about the work ahead and we’d love to hear from you if what we’re doing inspires you too.

Think you’ve got something that would interest us? Reach out. You’ll find us popping up on Uni campus Career Days - we’re delighted by the conversations you’re engaging us in.