Digital Native Clinicians, seeking a better way


Digital platform design, development and support capability for targeted neuroscience and HealthTech initiatives.

At MindM8 Ventures, we mix the best of digital experience design techniques, clinical evidence bases, consumer + market research to design + build platforms that foster new habit formation in areas of need.

Our team is comprised of tech savvy clinicians at the core, supported and informed in our work by consumer advocates, community partners working in the target problem spaces of healthcare that we’re wanting to make a difference for.

Our work is informed by the advice of an advisory board of deeply experienced mentors, industry + academic leaders and community advocates looking to make a difference for the health of their regions.

Our Founders

Brian Hill

An experienced Occupational Therapist + Digital Strategist, bridging the worlds of Tech, Business and Health systems. Project leader, platform architect and business development lead. Researching clinical applications of AI through a PhD research Project at University of Newcastle.

Dr Tom Lee

Emerging GP. Hackathon winner in 2017 Hacking HealthTech with Uni of Newcastle. Currently doing Residency with NSW Health and conducting exploratory innovation studies as part of his role, Tom is passionate about the mental wellbeing of people with chronic disease.