Our Focus

Our Apps and Digital Interventions leverage evidence based neuroscience, habit formation + adaptive techniques to strengthen new habits and develop resilience - we're building fast, adaptive, personalised systems that can scale. 

We work with cross-disciplinary collaboration partners across Medicine, Population Health, Allied Health, Lifestyle Medicine, indigenous cultural advisors and digital platform suppliers to address the need to capture early 'motivated moments', build behavioural insight and develop resilience to support individualised recovery journeys.

We recognise the important role of quality practices for Software as a Medical Device and the code of practice obligations of the Medical Technology Association of Australia.  As a TGA registered medical device manufacturer, our products are typically Class1 products (lowest risk) within the TGA product risk profile guidelines.

We also recognise the importance of business that works as a force for good, along with our interdependence for the populations we seek to serve, and in that spirit, are working towards formal certification as a BCorporation.