Need effective, evidence based, fit for purpose tools:

Many GPs find themselves supporting patients through recovery journeys in outpatient treatment settings, where contact times are brief and need to deliver impact. We’re building tools to provide a data rich snapshot of progress against treatment goals and barriers for clinicians to support patients in taking optimal self-recovery oriented steps.

“My clients need fast engagement whilst they’re ready, motivated to change.”

“I need tools that help keep them on track with 3rd party confirmation of their progress. Changing habits is hard, needs rewards, reinforcement over longer time than clinical contact allows. Relapses are going to happen, need light touch, sub-clinical support for quick recovery.” 


Need timely, targeted support, where they are:

“I’m keen to turn things around, but I need help now.”

“If I wait, I’ll relapse. I’ve got people wanting to help me make the changes I need to. I’ve been in treatment and am building new habits, but it’s slow work. I need support in bouncing back quickly from a relapse.” 


Need connection, support + skills:

“My friend wants to change, needs help now whilst keen.”

“I’m here to help keep them on track and motivated, their GP wants to know how they are at home and away from clinic. I’m there if they need to reach out.”


Want to support employee wellness

HR managers know only too well that employee career journeys can be interrupted by the curve balls life can throw at us. Disruptive life events, left unchecked and unmanaged, can be the entry pathway for more serious harms and addiction risk. We’re working with Employer connections to provide an early access intervention pathway that can be delivered as part of workforce wellness programs.



About CleanM8

The first of our Portfolio projects, CleanM8 has been recognised by the Regional Australia Institute as Winner in their 2018 Bright Ideas challenge for its impact potential in serving regional healthcare needs.

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